Volvo 70 Experience - Mile Builders

Experience the thrill of sailing on a high-performance Volvo Open 70 while honing your skills and building your miles

Mile builders are a 5 day duration ranging between 500 – 1000 miles, and are either UK based or International legs, with at least 2 nights at sea.

Our UK trips start and finish at Hasler Marina in Gosport and include at least 2 overnight sails. Typically we spend the 1st, 3rd, and 5th nights in a marina and the 2nd and 4th nights at sea.

We meet the evening before departure and have a safety brief, deck brief and you get to know the rest of the team. In the morning we get out the charts, download the weather forecast and decide the route.

We try to choose the fastest points of sail, so you get the most miles while still being able to visit some amazing places.

Previous trips have visited Zeebruger, Dan Helder, Cherbourg, Falmouth, Dartmouth and Poole.

Typically we spend the 1st, 3rd, and 5th nights in a marina and the 2nd and 4th nights at sea.

You get to experience work in a watch system, sample the delights of freeze dried food and really get an idea of what it is like to race Telefonica Black. It is a great opportunity if you would like to get a taste of offshore sailing/racing but with the convenience of stopping in a marina now and again!

For our international legs, this is point to point sailing. Ie we have a start port and a finish port

........and we need to get there. If the wind is favourable we may stop and explore other ports along the way or you may be at sea for the full 5 days without stopping.

All the destination ports have great airport access so it is easy to meet us.

Whether you decide to cross Biscay, surf waves along the Portuguese coast, cross the Med, sail round Sicily or join us from Gibraltar to Las Palmas you get a truly amazing experience. The wildlife, coast lines, sunsets, fantastic sailing and the friends you make along the way make these trips extremely special.

Don’t think this will be a luxury ride! Such a high-performance racing yacht does not come with many creature comforts. Cramped quarters, freeze dried food and basic accommodation are the trade-off!

We do it just as the elite ocean racers do so you truly get a genuine experience.

What can you do with Mile Builders?

We often get asked how many miles are required for certain qualifications and what are the benefits these can bring to you, so to answer your questions we have included a list below for some of the most common yachting qualifications from the RYA and an outline of how you can use each one.

Day Skipper

This is one of the most popular sailing qualifications among beginner sailors. This is a qualification that will allow you to hire boats from the majority of rental companies for holiday sailing (though please check prior to booking). You will learn how to sail short passages during the day while learning how to be in charge of the boat, perfecting how to control boat speed and safe navigation.

Miles Required: 5 days, 100 miles, 4 night hours

Coastal Skipper

This course expands on the knowledge gained doing the Day Skipper but introduces passage planning, pilotage during both day-time and night-time, safety and emergency procedures. The most common uses for obtaining a coastal skipper qualification is to undertake passages that require longer hours of sailing, particularly during the night.

Miles Required: 15 days, 2 days as skipper, 300 miles, 8 night hours

Yacht Master

The Yachtmaster is broken into three different categories that you can complete, each having a different specialism: The Yachtmaster Coastal, Yachtmaster Offshore and Yachtmaster Ocean. These qualifications can be commercially endorsed and then be used for an array of employment opportunities onboard a yacht.

Miles Required:
(Coastal): 30 days, 2 days as skipper, 800 miles, 12 night hours. (If you hold the Coastal Skipper practical course completion certificate this is reduced to 20 days, 2 days as skipper, 400 miles, 12 night hours.)

(Offshore): 50 days, 2,500 miles including at least 5 passages over 60 miles.

(Ocean): Minimum non-stop distance of 600 miles must have been run by the log.

Kraken (Telefonica Black)
Southern Ocean
Hull Designer
Farr Yacht Design
Volvo 70
Year Built
21.50m / 70.54ft
5.70m / 18.70ft
4.50m / 14.76ft
14,000kg / 30,865lbs
1 Volvo D2 (75hp) Diesel
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